Let’s talk LAUNCH.

Believe it or not, Bear Fruitions has already had a soft launch. (Yay!) What do we mean by soft launch? Well, this company , formally known as Clerical Necessities, offered a plethora of administrative and virtual assistant services at one point. The clients previously served under Clerical Necessities continued to do business with the company throughout its re-structure and rebranding. While Bear Fruitions went through its birthing stage, there were web designs and book illustrations published. Bear Fruitions also has active social media profiles through Facebook. Instagram, & Twitter (make sure you follow!).

So, will there be an OFFICAL launch? As of now, there isn’t an official launch date. However, the goal is for Bear Fruitions to be fully operating by the start of 2021.

Needless to say: WE ARE OPEN FOR BUSINESS!! Please contact us for quotes or to request services.

Look out for future News Reads as we uncover additional information =) Please also visit www.chaneyjames.info to learn about all Chaney-James Enterprises has to offer.